They’re amplifying misinformation, sprinkling fake news headlines through Twitter feeds and more. We’re documenting, tracking, and archiving the everyday behaviours, – the bad, – of fake Twitter Bot profiles. Recently we’ve uncovered fake profiles that have been forged, hijacked… stolen. It’s like witnessing social media identity theft. We’ve noted the profiles of organizations, businesses, and people that appear abandoned, possibly dormant, or in a few cases still operating. Here are seven examples of profiles we’re labeling as stolen, and all operating as Bot manipulated content feeds.
John Gray
The Doppelgänger Bots
How They’re Using Stolen Social Identities

What can we trust?

What do we know about our theatre of the new world? We are all on the stage. We are all creating our stories onstage in the theatre. There is nowhere to hide.  In an era where trust is more important than truth what do we trust? Who can we trust? How important is the truth? Or the best obtainable version of the truth as Carl Bernstein defines the pursuit of journalism.

What do we know about our digital world? What don’t we know? What do we need to know? What could we benefit from knowing? What observable, demonstrated evidence is there of how our theatre of the new world is serving our interests or militating against our interests as a world community?

We are creating connections and exciting creative connections and we are exploiting and being exploited and we are creating our stories as communities of place, purpose, profession, and culture in our digital world.

What do we know about the behaviour of the internet? What do we know about our behaviour on the internet? What stories make sense? What stories do we trust? What stories make common sense? What ideas about what we can do make good sense? How do we know what we know? Or think we know? Do we care?

Our digital world has made our media accessible to every community in our world. We are creating our world, our imagination of our world, and our creative possibilities for our world in our theatre of the new world.

Our digital world has made our classroom bigger. What do we want to learn? What do we want to contribute to creating?

Roger Chilton
My Point of View

Creating the Story